DSTV Apps and Reliable DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Houtbay

DSTV Apps and Reliable DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Houtbay

DSTV has become a standard feature of every basic household for media entertainment and great TV shows for the whole family. Good DSTV installers Houtbay are able to answer all the questions you may have or any detail regarding your DSTV and installation needs. Another great thing about it is that DSTV satellite dish installation Houtbay companies have also become more affordable.

There are so many aspects to having DSTV and such an excellent variety of viewing programs; it comes with several other features that create this must-have innovation.

What are DSTV Apps? Can your DSTV installation price Houtbay change because of this?

The apps or applications with your DSTV makes using your decoder user-friendly and provides a convenient way to have more control over your account and subscription. Your DSTV installation Houtbay experts can advise you about the benefits of purchasing DSTV applications for your decoder. They can also help you decide on which ones will best suit your viewing needs.

DSTV apps

Simplicity and convenience on the go

As mentioned before, they make using the decoder and packages easy even when you’re on the go. Apps are compatible with most portable devices (3G and 4G) including Apple, Samsung, and some other manufacturer brands. Therefore, even when you’re not home, you can still enjoy your shows.

Easy payments with self-service – DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Houtbay

Some apps such as the self-service application, allow you to be able to manage your billing and payments even subscriptions. While it’s online you can access it without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Rent your movies from home with BoxOffice

With the BoxOffice app, you can rent movies for up to 48 hours without leaving the comfort of your home. You do need an internet connection to access and use this application, which will allow you to stream and even download the movies of your choice.

Watch even when you’re away from home with DSTV Now

With the DSTV Now application, you can record your shows via your PVR decoder and watch it even when you’re on the go with a mobile device.
Some applications are exclusive to the package such as Premium as well as to specific decoders such as the Explora for instance. The price you pay for the applications will depend on what you’ve chosen and the features it offers you. You can check DSTV installation prices and query how to access and use these applications to suit your programming needs. Contact us TODAY