DSTV Self Service 101 Trusted DSTV Repairs Llandudno

DSTV Self Service 101: Trusted DSTV Repairs Llandudno

Having problems with your DSTV can be extremely frustrating, especially that it means, you’ll be missing all the great games lined up. What if you could solve some of the issues without having to hire a DSTV repairs Llandudno company?

You can get this right with the DSTV “self-service” menu feature to diagnose and fix certain problems. Whether you’re looking for pro DSTV repairs or need DSTV installation in Atlantic Seaboard, Llandudno, you can get the assistance you need and trust.

Benefits of the self-service feature – DSTV Repairs

DSTV owners can now troubleshoot and fix problems by themselves. Benefit and save from this feature:

Fix error messages

The online tool helps you to solve common errors and soon be back to your viewing time. Always ensure that the power is on and that your DSTV smart card is inserted.

Online payments

Seamlessly manage your account and make easy online payments. No more hassle with shop queues, instead you can pay your account online. Payment options include; EFT, QR Code, Debit order, credit card and lots more.

Find a DSTV Accredited Installers Liandudno to help

You can search for accredited DSTV installation professionals online through the self-service app and find the help you need fast, and in your area.

Device and peripherals guide

Find all you need to know about DSTV parts and items. These include decoders, travel devices, Smart LNB and lots more.

Feel like a DSTV tech pro with your Self-service experience or get professional help in your home with skilled experts in your area. Enjoy your shows anywhere anytime with affordable TV viewing by DSTV.

Error codes: Fix them easily with expert DSTV explorer installations

Are you battling error codes, while missing out on seeing your favourite soccer team kick butt on the field? If that sounds like you, then it’s time to learn the basics and solve issues. DSTV explorer installations Llandudno experts can assist.

Let’s decipher some error codes and help you combat the issues:

Your DSTV explorer installations Llandudno specialists can assist


No Boxoffice titles found
This can be one of two things causing the error 1) your decoder needs to download the titles, or 2) the installation quality isn’t sufficient. If it didn’t download, the decoder must be left on and connected to the satellite signal for at least 24hours (it can be longer, and it can be less). The PVR installation needs to be given time after installing to properly connect.

Box Office titles not available in your country yet
The best way for this error to be solved is to wait until the titles become available in the country before it becomes available on DSTV.

Smart card fault. Cannot read
The smart card is possibly incorrectly inserted into the decoder. Switch your decoder off, unplug it, remove the smart card, and give it a gentle wipe. After that, insert and turn decoder on.

Checking subscription status
The DSTV smart card had a problem connecting to the satellite. Fix this by making sure everything is connected, switch decoder off and unplug. After about 10mins plug the machine in and turn power on allowing it to reboot.

Service not running
All the plugs should be plugged in and connected. Thereafter, switch the decoder off at the wall socket as well. Give it about 10minutes, then plug everything back and switch it on.

Unable to view this channel
The transmission could be unavailable because the smart card hasn’t received it yet. You can remove the smart card and wipe down the chipped part. Unplug decoder and reboot with the smart card inserted.

If some of the errors aren’t fixed or new errors occur then don’t hesitate to contact your DSTV installers Llandudno and let them assist you.