Decoder Basics from the Best DSTV Installers Cape Town

Decoder Basics from the Best DSTV Installers Cape Town

Need more channels? Need more shows? Are you bored of only being able to view 8 to 10 channels on regular TV? So what are you to do? DSTV installation Cape Town companies can help you get the best out of your television screen time offering you access to various programming packaging and lots more. When looking to upgrade from your regular TV shows, you’re probably going to need the help of one of the best DSTV installers Cape Town.

What is a DSTV decoder all about?

There are different types of DSTV decoders, some serve a more basic solution to your multi-channeling options while others offer more variety in features. Your accredited DSTV installers Cape Town will be able to give you in-depth information about a decoder.

Most people opt for DSTV extras to get the maximum use of their decoder. DSTV decoder extras are additional features you can add onto your DSTV package. Your DSTV installation Cape Town price may vary one from the other depending on what you’ve added to your package and deal.

How to get more out of your DSTV decoder?

  • Insurance with a decoder care contract
    The care contract covers your decoder in the event of damage and as well as malfunctioning. The care contract gives you peace of mind that you’re decoder is covered if there were any electrical faults, damage, theft due to burglary, as well as fire and some other factors. It’s important to have a look at the actual terms and conditions provided by your appointed DSTV satellite dish installation Cape Town company and manufacturer.

A DSTV decoder care contract only covers one decoder at a time and you will need several if you have several decoders on your premises.

  • XtraView
    XtraView makes viewing separate channels from separate TV’s simple while still being on the same package and only paying a bit more for the XtraView service. In this way, everyone can enjoy their shows even when they are in the same household.
  • Holiday Viewing
    Never miss your shows while on vacation again. The Holiday View extra package for your decoder allows you to catch your favourite DSTV shows no matter where you are. DSTV installations Northern Suburbs experts are able to explain in-depth how this package works and help you to set it up.
  • DSTV mobile
    This is a handy feature when you’re on the go or not able to use ExtraView. This extra allows you to view your DSTV shows from your mobile device even when you’re on the go. The mobile device should be at least 3G compatible and it allows for viewing of up to 13 channels. How’s that for freedom and convenience?

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