Addressing Signal Issues DSTV installations Tokai

Addressing Signal Issues: DSTV installations Tokai

There are few things more frustrating than having to miss parts of your favourite shows due to weather interference. There are ways in which you can fix this problem by yourself, but to ensure the proper tools and skills are in progress, the best thing to do is get in touch with DSTV installations Tokai specialists to assist you with the problem. In this way, you can be sure the problem is taken care of.

Getting your DSTV installations Tokai Underway

Now that you’ve made up your mind to have a DSTV installed in your home to enjoy a broader variety of channels and entertainment, there are some other elements that could put a damper on the schedule. The weather often play a role in whether (pun not intended) or not you get clear viewing. This can be very annoying when suddenly the decoder loses its signal and a “signal not found” notice appears on the screen. What are you to do?

When using a professional DSTV installations Tokai company, you can be certain that fewer signal issues will occur; this is because the technician knows how to properly fit and set the dish. However, sometimes heavy rain and bad weather conditions may cause this alignment to be altered.

Steps to fix the problem

  • Check to see if the manual connections are linked (cable connections in the decoder and TV, wall socket).
  • Is the weather the culprit? Sometimes heavy showers and thunderstorms can contribute or cause the disconnection.
  • Try to restart the decoder let it reboot. You can also remove the smart card and later insert it.
  • Check if the LNB cable is fine, if it’s damaged, often the error codes E48 and E32 might appear on the screen. The cable may need replacing.

Sometimes the satellite dish needs to be readjusted to the right angle by your DSTV repairs Tokai experts. They not only have the tools but also the knowledge of fixing these types of problems.

Contact your DSTV installations Tokai specialists today and get your viewing time back on track.

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