What are the Benefits of DStv Explora Your DStv installations Stellenbosch

What are the Benefits of DStv Explora:Your DStv installations Stellenbosch

DStv Explora is one of the leading innovations for local subscription TV and offers a variety of extra features that makes it very beneficial. You can get quality DStv installations Stellenbosch and transform the way you watch your favourite TV shows.

DStv has more features such as the following:

  1. Being able to pause the live video for a duration of maximum 2 hours
  2. Rewind and catch pieces of the game you may have missed live
  3. Fast forward live TV shows
  4. Slow-motion features to take in every moment of that part
  5. You can also record simultaneously as you watch another show
  6. Wide screen
  7. Parental control

Now you can get more out of your TV entertainment and enjoy a little something for the whole family. The DStv Explora also has extra recording time availability as well as more space to save your unwatched programs. The Explora comes complete with an HD cable and screen resolution abilities from 720 to 1080i.

Includes DStv Catch Up and DSTV BoxOffice

DSTV Catch Up – DStv installations Stellenbosch

Catch Up is possible through the DStv Now app and allows for some great features including but not limited to DStv Catch Up. With Catch Up, just as its name suggests, you’re able to catch up to your favourite shows by using any connected iOS or Android device. You can also access your decoder and manage your account through your mobile app DStv Now.
The amount of channels you can view via DStv Now depends on how many you have in your selected TV subscription package.

BoxOffice features – DStv installations Stellenbosch

BoxOffice gives you the liberty to hire the latest movies from the comforts of your very home and even when you’re on the go. Just make sure that you have access to Wifi and that you have the BoxOffice feature with your setup.

Go on and change to DStv Explora for a better experience and even more features with your DStv. Get pro DStv installations Stellenbosch to assist you.

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