Find reliable DStv installations Camps Bay, Cape Town

The Advantages and Disadvantages of DStv: Find reliable DStv installations Camps Bay, Cape Town

DStv is without a doubt a great way to boost your screen time with your mates or simply to catch up on your favorite shows as a pastime after a busy week. You can get affordable DStv installations Camps Bay, Cape Town and give your whole family the liberty of great TV entertainment.

However, there is a constant struggle with competing international services allowing liberties of online streaming, so here’s what you may want to know about DStv and competitors.

DStv installations Camps Bay Cape Town offers excellent workmanship and value for your money

What’s all the hype with competitors?

DStv is an excellent solution for all your TV viewing needs with a variety of TV channels playing some great international and local shows to choose from. However, there are some limitations to some extent:

Advantages of DStv

  • Multiple channels to choose from
  • Packages start from as little as R29* (subject to change)
  • Installations is fast
  • PVR
  • BoxOffice
  • DStv XtraView

Disadvantages of DStv

  • May be more expensive when compared to competing providers
  • Less shows compared to international rivals like Netflix
  • Limited access when compared to international competitors

Support local subscription TV – DStv installations Camps Bay

According to Business Live, local TV subscriptions have seen challenging times since the arrival of their competitors. International markets like Netflix only showed up in South Africa during 2016 and have nearly quadrupled their number of subscriptions, while Multichoice has suffered huge losses. Another difficult aspect local subscription TV provider’s face is the fact that there are very little limitations to the international competitors for their online streaming availability in South Africa. This means they don’t incur the same costs as the local Multichoice does.

Bearing these aspects in mind, when it comes to local versus international fairness, who is the better option? Largely, one can agree that local subscription TV suffer much more than their international competitors do. Will you support local TV?

Are you ready to take your TV shows to the next level and upgrade with local subscription TV? Let a trusted DStv installations Camps Bay, Cape Town Company give you a hand. Contact us TODAY for all your DSTV needs

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