DSTV Premium Verse Compact Plus DStv installation Tygervalley experts

DSTV Premium Verse Compact Plus: DStv installation Tygervalley experts

With DStv, there are so many options when it comes to shows. From as little as R29, viewers can already enjoy some good TV programs. However, you can spice up your viewing time even more with premium and compact package deals that will keep the family entertained for hours on end. You can find trusted DStv installation Tygervalley experts that can advise about packages and complete the installation process, no mess, no fuss!

Understanding your options means you have to check out the stats between packages.

Here are the comparisons of two popular packages discussed in some more detail by your Dstv installation Tygervalley professionals.

DStv Premium verse Dstv Compact Plus – DStv installation Tygervalley

Both packages offer excellent features including being able to manage your accounts with ease.

DStv Premium
  • DStv Premium features a wide selection of 142 channels to choose from
  • The cost per month is R809

DStv allows you to enjoy local channel options including free-to-air, online TV watching with smart devices, and with XtraView, you can connect 3 decoders. You also have a variety of shows for kiddies to enjoy, keeping everyone entertained and happy.

DStv Compact Plus – DStv installation Tygervalley
  • Featuring 120 channels to select from
  • Monthly subscription cost is R509

With DStv Premium, you enjoy features that are even more fantastic all packaged into one seamless option. Premium Compact viewers can enjoy DStv Catch Up on as many as 5 devices, live TV, as well as complete series of your favourite shows available on Showmax at no extra cost. Subscribers can enjoy even more shows for the kids, and connect up to 3 individual decoders with the XtraView feature.

DStv truly is a great option and allows you the liberty to choose something that will fit with your budget needs. You can also enjoy local and international shows in your very home even if you don’t have an internet connection. However, to connect via smart device and XtraView, you must use an internet connection to help achieve this.

Are you ready to get the experts in for your DStv installation Tygervalley needs? Go on and get the snacks ready, it’s show time! Contact us TODAY for all your DSTV needs

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