Your Questions Answered For Your DSTV Installation Milnerton

Your Questions Answered For Your DSTV Installation Milnerton

Changing over to more channels to feed your entertainment needs will work best with a package from DSTV. Before getting started, you probably have some questions about it and for this reason; your DSTV installation Milnerton team is here to answer some of it.

What is the DSTV installation price Milnerton?

The price for DSTV installations can vary from one company to the next. Most are contracted to do installations at the client’s premises. Aspects such as the type of decoder and viewing packages also influence the price along with the extra packages if this is chosen.

Will there be software updates?

Yes, software updates is implemented at DSTV’s discretion, customers receive alerts and can log into their account to check and manage settings and account plan.

Does my installation have to be changed? – DSTV Installation Milnerton

Current DSTV owners may not need to change their installations unless they want to upgrade to a newer decoder or packages like XtraView for example.

What remote is used on DSTV HD?

Most installations come with the B5 remote. It is solely compatible to the DSTV decoder; hence, other remotes won’t work on the decoder.

Can I reset the DSTV HD decoder to the factory settings?

Yes, you can reset the decoder to factory settings by following these prompts:

    1. Select the DSTV button on the remote
    2. Select settings option
    3. Choose system settings
    4. Then choose “reset device
    5. After that choose reset to factory default settings
Can I get DSTV Now?

Yes, the DSTV Now app is available to all DSTV customers

Does DSTV Now use data?

Yes, DSTV Now allows for mobile viewing and requires a data or internet connection. This is excellent if you have an uncapped internet connection.

Do I need a new smart card for my DSTV HD decoder?

Yes, a new card is needed, however, one is provided with installations.

Do you want to upgrade your TV entertainment or your current DSTV package to a better one? For more information on having, DSTV installations Milnerton at your home, feel free to get in touch.