The Benefits of Single View Help from your DStv installation Kenilworth

Benefits of Single View: Help from your DStv installation Kenilworth team

DStv allows for a wide variety of TV channel options all featuring something for the whole family. From kiddie’s shows, and documentaries, to motorsports and lifestyle, you’ll find it all with DStv. Another excellent option to choose with your installation is DStv Single View; ask your trusted DStv installation Kenilworth team for great customer support.

Have a look at these facts from your DStv installation Kenilworth team?

Single View DStv brings with it, its own set of benefits making it ideal for your viewing needs. Why should you miss the exciting shows out there on satellite? From your favourite motoring shows, Sports channels to catching your local rugby teams in action, or cheering on your soccer team. Don’t worry, with this affordable option, your family doesn’t miss out.

DStv aims to make the option to view quality shows as affordable as possible to every household whether you have Premium, DStv Family or Easy View. DStv accredited installers Kenilworth not only comes equipped with the tools to get the job done but also able to help you choose the best option for your budget needs.

When compared to the DStv Explora the Single View HD decoder allows for more affordable DStv options whilst not lacking in the same quality.
Pros of Single View

  • Dolby Digital Sound 5.1 compatible
  • Interactive apps
  • XtraView compatible
  • Affordable
  • HD capable
  • Less expensive decoder
  • Less expansive to install

Cons of Single View

  • Live recording feature disabled
  • Remote recording not available
  • No DStv Catch Up
  • No Box Office

Many of the Single View HD decoders come standard with the new remote control and with integrated SmartCard technology; it makes things just a bit easier.

Have you wanted to install DStv in your home without paying too much for a decoder? Let the skilled DStv installation Kenilworth team assist you.

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