DSTV Installation Constantia - Cape Town for Your Home

DSTV Installation Constantia – Cape Town for Your Home

DSTV introduced an advanced way to viewing your favourite shows and movies, with excellent features on selected decoders like the Explora; you get to have even more bang for your buck. DSTV installation Constantia affords you great value for your money and more entertainment as opposed to regular TV broadcasts such as OpenView’s digital channels and the even older analogue TV.

Let’s weigh the scales with DSTV (easy view) verse Open View with your trusted DSTV installation Company

Open View TV

  1. More to watch – OpenView has over 20 channels
  2. Choose more shows – Local and international programs including religious channels
  3. Affordable – OpenView is less expensive to install and setup
  4. Open view is free (once off installation fee) no subscription fees as with DSTV
  5. No sport channel
  6. Decoder limitations

DSTV Easy View

  1. More shows to watch – DSTV Easy View has 28 channels
  2. Roundup of shows – Shows include local and international as well as religious channels
  3. Costs more – the cost to install DSTV with easy view is generally more
  4. You need to pay your subscription each month to enjoy access to Easy View
  5. Includes a Spots Blitz channel, whereas OpenView has non
  6. Advanced decoder options (for maximum convenience)

A DSTV accredited installers – Cape Town are able to assist you with swift set-up and you have a manufacturing guarantee. Depending on the company you choose, you may even have a warranty on the technical (workmanship).

Does it seem hard to choose between the two? You can rely on your reliable team of DSTV installation Cape Town Southern Suburbs to get the best quality guaranteed. You can also ask for some advice and extra options to get the most out of your DSTV channel solutions. Selected decoders like the Explora offers even more fantastic features to add and enjoy.

DSTV Satellite Dish Installation Constantia – Cape Town with Parental Control

It’s fantastic to be able to watch a variety of shows from the comfort of your home, and more so to share viewing with other members of the family. However, while being able to watch different channels from more than one TV in the home, we cannot always be certain about what our kids are watching. With satellite dish installation Cape Town companies, you can get the assistance you need to create safe viewing for your child or children.

Parental control from your DSTV installation specialists

What is parental control?

DSTV incorporates a parental control feature so that you can stay on track with what your kids are watching or at the very least prevent them from watching inappropriate content.

To set up parental control after having your DSTV installation Constantia service completed by an experienced company, simply do the following:

  • While in the settings menu, select “parental control”
  • Next you’ll set the programs you wish to block your kids from viewing with the default PG pin “1234”
  • If you feel “1234” is too easy, there’s an option to create your own PG pin and use that instead

Some people don’t always remember the pin they’ve used but this can be reset. You can simply speak to your DSTV accredited installers Constantia – Cape Town and they can assist you.

With parental control, your options to block shows with a higher age restriction are also available, hence not only limited to shows with a PG rating.
If you haven’t installed your DSTV and are looking to find a reliable DSTV installation in Cape Town with market competitive prices, then feel free to get in touch!

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