Benefits of DSTV Explora Installation Cape Town

Benefits of DSTV Explora Installation Cape Town

DSTV Explora installation Cape Town gives you and your family the opportunity to get the best of your shows and enjoy a variety of additional features. Depending on your package of choice, you can either enjoy 38 basic channels at a very low cost, or you can go premium and take advantage of 148 multiple channels to choose from.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your decoder, you can find many DSTV satellite dish installation Cape Town companies who are willing to assist. However, not all of them are as affordable. Let’s see what sets the Explora apart from older decoders.

How your DSTV Explora installation Cape Town company can benefit you

Installing the Explora affords the user these great features amongst other:

    • Parental control
    • Dolby Digital 5.1
    • View1, record 1
    • Series recording
    • Wide screen
    • Ethernet features
    • XtraView (capability)
    • HD viewing
    • DSTV Catch Up
    • Remote recording
    • Hearing impaired subtitles (where available)

Those great features are just some of the good stuff you can enjoy with your very new Explora. The Explora also has more storage space up to 2TB of storage as opposed to the older 500GB. Your DSTV accredited installers Cape Town can also help you learn about the other features such as these:

Unicable LNB or SatCR

No more unsightly cabling, because with the Explora, the two cables running from the decoder merges into one to continue sending the signal through.


Box office offers 30 titles readily available.

Better hardware

The Explora is also faster with an upgrade from 1.1GHz to 3GHz as well as 1 DDR3 RAM.

Easy to use remote

With the new decoder comes a simpler to use remote control, which eliminates the fuss of the additional remote functions of its predecessor.

Thinking of upgrading? Get the best from a reliable DSTV installation team today!