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Choosing a satellite dish: Get professional assistance by DStv accredited installers Claremont

Satellites help you to enjoy the best of TV with a wide variety of shows to choose from. Besides having such variety, it also allows for clear viewing and HD options. A lot of work goes into maintaining your TV shows, so with DStv accredited installers Claremont you can get the help you need and expert advice at choosing the best satellite.

Choosing the ideal satellite dish – DStv accredited installers Claremont

Before delving into which satellite dish you can choose, let your DStv accredited installers Claremont assist you with the options.

Motorised satellite dish

A motorised satellite dish can move using the installed motor and in this way, these types of dishes are able to pick up various satellite signals. Even though often used with subscription TV, the motorised satellites are able to pick up the signal of over 1k channels, if the area provides for it. The sizes range between 80cm to 1m in diameter.

Stationary satellite dish

As the name suggests, stationary satellite dishes are fixed into one position and requires manual adjustments to pick up a different signal. However, they are only able to connect with satellites that are close by. The larger the dish the better the signal it receives.

Dish sizes

When considering the size of the dish, you may have already seen several sizes but in general, the larger the dish, the better the signal received through the antenna. The large dishes are also better for areas prone to severe weather conditions like snow and heavy rains.
Each satellite dish is fitted with an LNB (Low Noise Block) downconverter. The LNB is the part that comes out of the dish itself like an extended arm of some sort. The LNB will send the signal to the decoder of choice.

In essence, some areas will determine the type of satellite used, as some areas don’t need a large range for the signal. Another factor to consider is the size and whether or not it’s a stationary or motorized one that is needed to do the job.

Speak to one of the DStv accredited installers Claremont to find out more.

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